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Tomáš Roller

A lead artists of Royal Dirties. The balance between royal and dirty is just perfect in his works.

Originals available

These paintings by Tomáš Roller are still at home. If you are interested in some of them, scroll down to the contact formular and let Tomáš know.

Originals sold, prints available

If you like one of these paintings, we have sad news for you. Tomáš don’t own them anymore. They are hanged somewhere around the world. However if you really like them, Tomáš can send you print of the painting. Just let him know.

Digital Art, limited prints available

These creations were never intended to be sold as originals. They are hand drawings finished in the computer of Tomáš Roller. If you are interested in your own certified print, just let Tomáš know.

Interested in originals or prints?

Name the artwork and we will tell you the price.