who would Exit the UK to live in Slovakia?

He left his homeland to enjoy the careless life in the capitol of inexpensive beer. However he found out the dark truth about Bratislava too soon.
Now he wants to share the dark stories.

The Buried Mirror by Dale Bruton

The Buried Mirror

The dark stories written by an Englishman who had willingly decided to live in central Europe. His stories are full of Bratislava’s carefully hidden landmarks. Enjoy the dark corners of this post-communist capitol.

What stories are there?

  • Petržalka Panelák Intruder,
  • Hidden Danger,
  • The Sexiest Woman in Slovakia, the Sexiest Woman in the World,
  • Slavo the Insatiable Hunter,
  • Time Travels,
  • The Hostel from Hostel,
  • The Monster from Draždiak,
  • a ďalšie…

Who would like this book?

Dale Bruton is an Englishman who moved from Great Britan to Prague during the wild 90s. Now he offers the collected dark stories for anybody who is interested.

You can be a mystery lover, a collector of dark stories. You can just enjoy the inexplicable, fancy Hitchcock movies or simply want to learn something about the central European cities. Now you can make a free reservation and get the book of mysterious stories for a really exclusive price.

The Buried Mirror by Dale Bruton

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