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Imagine your favorite console game just taking over your world…

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Eidolon comic book

Delve into an imaginary world of two art school teachers who had decided to create something beautiful instead of tending to their students’ petty first-world problems.

The world of Eidolon isn’t an ideal place. It’s actually a terrible place to live. Enjoy reading about its demise under the control of a gargantuan but at least childish AI.

Get swallowed up by AI system of the past

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What is Eidolon?

The world of Eidolon isn’t an ideal place. It’s actually a terrible place to live for anybody who hates the bottom-part-parasites and paying taxes.

The world had been taken over by a AI system that has begun turning the world to its image. Follow the struggles of a group of random time-travelers who want to pull out the plug while it’s not late.

Často kladená otázka:
When are you going to publish the first story?
In autumn 2019.

Kto to celé začal?

Tomáš Roller je bývalý učiteľ na umeleckej škole, ktorý sa rozhodol namiesto sledovania podvádzajúcich študentov nasledovať svoje sny. Odišiel zo školy, spojil a sa s bývalým bankárom a profesionálnym investorom, aby spoločne založili komiksové štúdiu Royal Dirties Comics.

Together with a colourist Tomas Galata, scriptwriter Pavol Chodur and the mastermind Michal Ruzicka they are creating a world of Eidolon that is going to be the next place not to live in.

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