Text stories

Undertaker 6: The Gift

“I have here something belonging to you, sir.” The woman thrust out the basket. She pulled aside the rags and the Undertaker spotted a face.” EVERY READER MATTERS. CHOOSE WHAT’S GOING TO HAPPEN WITH THE FACE (poll inside).

Undertaker 5: The Name

Subconsciously, he tried to prolong her stay with new activities. He cooked her tea, even offered her some fresh porridge. He engaged with her in smalltalk. In bed, at the table, during a walk through the ghastly graveyard that he even perceived as romantic.

Undertaker 4: The Raid

“No excavation today,” the Undertaker announced briefly. “You may leave.”
“What…? Why…?” the woman was unable to hide her annoyed surprise.
“Like I said, leave,” the grave digger insisted. “Piss off.”

Undertaker 3: Memories

“Did you… throw him back?” the woman asked with mild surprise when she spotted the naked body of her late husband with an open skull.
“Should I have thrown him over the city wall?” His voice bore annoyance. “Or served him for dinner?”

Undertaker 2: Twenty-Two

Undertaker 2: Twenty-two

“Open his head,” the woman said in a strangely daring and commanding tone. He obeyed. He took his sharpest kitchen knife and skinned the skull. Then he cracked it open with one single blow.

Undertaker 1: Visitor

Undertaker from Mokvas is a series of short stories that will eventualy turn into a new novel by Martin Jurík. Read the first chapter – young widow and corpse excavating inisde.

A Nightmare After Christmas

The night before Christmas Santa appeared in Josh’s room.
“Do you really want everyone’s wish come true?” he asked the kid.
“Yeah, sure,” the boy answered enthusiastically.
“Allright…,” said Santa with a slight sign of uncertainty. “Consider it done.”

Ronald & Donald: The Japanese Mission

From Hawaii to Japan, or better – from Pearl Harbor to Hiroshima. You’ll surely understand, boss, how urgently I needed to repeat the raid on Hiroshima and drop an atomic bomb there. A symbolic one, of course.

Ronald & Donald: Mission Hawaii

During the flight I tried to convince the captain to undertake a symbolic attack on Pearl Harbor while landing. The pilots angrily refused so Donald had to shoot them all.

Ronald & Donald: The Mexico Mission

They never hesitated to pull out their guns. Unable to deal with them otherwise, unable to find a common interest we were forced to kill them all, including their bosses.