Comic Stories

Final Station

“A scatterbrained entomologist wakes up in a train. It appears to be staying in a really strange city. Did a man missed his stop or is the final station yet to come?” While we are working hard to finish the second issue of Royal Dirties Comics, you can read this older story by our lead artist Tomas Roller.

Aurora: The Rescue Mission

This Tomas Roller’s comic story was never really finished. And it’s really a pity. Legend says there are six more pages, but the artist cannot find them.

Ronald & Donald: Easter Eggs

Do you love the easter season. Spring, family, rabbits eggs… Wait… Rabbits and eggs? Does it make more sense to you than to Ronald and Donald?

Ronald & Donald as the artists

Ronald and Donald find out that art is sold for millions. Therefore they want to become famous artists. They ask an expert in the field of art to show them the way. By doing so, they get the basic resources and enter the fine art market really in style.

Ronald & Donald: The Japanese Mission

From Hawaii to Japan, or better – from Pearl Harbor to Hiroshima. You’ll surely understand, boss, how urgently I needed to repeat the raid on Hiroshima and drop an atomic bomb there. A symbolic one, of course.

Ronald & Donald: Mission Hawaii

During the flight I tried to convince the captain to undertake a symbolic attack on Pearl Harbor while landing. The pilots angrily refused so Donald had to shoot them all.

Ronald & Donald: The Mexico Mission

They never hesitated to pull out their guns. Unable to deal with them otherwise, unable to find a common interest we were forced to kill them all, including their bosses.