You are a Winner, submit the final file

The contest Draw Comics of Real Heroes is over. You along with other contestants have sent us more than 20 great comic stories. These stories are about really exceptional individuals from world history. We have learned a lot from them.

We did not know how many submissions there would be or what quality to expect when we started the competition in March. All we had was hope that the subject matter was interesting enough for the best authors out there. That hope has come true.

So you are a winner

Please go through these steps in this order

  1. Please fill in the license agreement that has come to your mailbox. On the license page you will submit the details of your bank account you want us to send the prize money to.
  2. Shortly after you submit the license agreement we will send you the text of your story revised by our language editors. Please have a look at it and update the text in your story appropriately. This is not any kind of mentoring. Our publishing house just want to publish the stories in perfect English.
  3. Send us a high resolution version of your story (min 300 dpi) with fixed texts. You can use any public uploading service (like wetransfer) or use this form (100MB max).

  1. Send us the story and a photo of you. We want to include a short bio of each author and a short explanation of the hero before every comic story in the book (we will ask some historians to help us with the second text). Furthermore this will help us to promote the book for the public.

Thank you
Royal Dirties Team