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  • The comic books world is full of fictional heroes, but you know, they are so… not real. In this project you are invited to pay tribute to real heroes of your choice. We’ve made a list of some real world heroes but you are completely free to send a story about any real hero you think deserves it.
  • This competition is for comics and graphical novels authors. Only finished (drawn) works are accepted. Whether it’s coloured or B/W depends entirely on you.
  • There are multiple winners, your odds are really high. In the end the jury will choose a set of stories that will be published as a printed comic book. Every winner will be paid €100 for their published story.

These are the Heroes

For your work choose from the list below or find your own hero. Please, do not send us any made up stories.

🇵🇹 Soldier Millions

Aníbal Milhais – A Portuguese farmer who served as a soldier during The Great War (later known as WWI). Twice he faced an entire German battalion to cover the retreat of his allies. He was the most decorated Portuguese soldier in The Great War.

🇵🇱 To Auschwitz and Back

Witold Pilecki – A Polish soldier and co-founder of the Secret Polish Army during World War II. He volunteered to infiltrate Auschwitz concentration camp by being imprisoned. He managed to send messages informing the Allies of Nazi atrocities at the camp. After 2½ years he escaped Auschwitz and fought in other battles during World War II. The communists executed him in 1948 because he remained loyal to the Polish government-in-exile.

🇺🇸 The Courage of a Saviour

Ben Solomon – An American dentist assigned as a front-line surgeon during World War II. When the Japanese started overrunning his hospital, he stood a rear-guard action, allowing the safe evacuation of the wounded, killing as many as 98 enemy troops before being killed himself during the Battle of Saipan.

🇬🇧 The Lady with the Lamp

FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE – A British nurse during the Crimean War. She organised care for wounded soldiers. She became known as “The Lady with the Lamp” for making rounds of wounded soldiers at night. After the war she founded a nursing school. Nowadays she is considered as a founder of modern nursing.

🇫🇮 The White Death

Simo Häyhä – A Finnish farmer, hunter and skier prior to his military service. During the Winter War he defended his country from the Soviet invasion in 1939. He shot 500 enemy soldiers, half of them with a sniper rifle.

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