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Meet the real heroes

drawn by the best artists

The comic books world is full of fictional heroes, but you know, they are so… not real. Now you can pay tribute to real heroes who made the world a better place for us.

Real Heroes graphical stories

The best artists from around the world have chosen their favourite heroes and turned their bold actions into these graphical stories:

  • Witold Pilecki by Tomáš Staněk
  • Wojtek the Bear by Eddie Black
  • Li Wenliang by Séverine Defouni
  • Marsha P. Johnson by Kayleigh Mortimer
  • Two views of Simo Häyhä by Guido Casalini and Francesco Mariani
  • Rose Pesotta by Veronika Gladchuk and Clare Humphreys
  • Witold Pilecki by Tomáš Staněk
  • Maximillian Kolbe by Zuzana Matysová
  • Julius Asclepeodotus by Konstantinos Pappas
  • Archilochus by Marios Tsigonias and Antonis Tsigonias
  • Georgij Sinjakov by Ligita Grigorjeva
  • Rudolf Vrba and Alfréd Wetzler by Miloslav Kučera
  • Sempronius Densus by Millie Boucher
  • Simone Segouin by Noelle Simons
  • and Anibal Milhais by Andrej Wsol
Maximillian Kolbe by Zuzana Matysová
Real Heroes - Rose Pesotta
Rose Pesotta by Veronika Gladchuck and Clare Humphreys

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