The Bratislava Intruder

The Bratislava Intruder is a series of short stories written by an Englishman who lives in this Central European city. Dale Bruton is The Bratislava Intruder

Time Travels

Two friends take a day trip together through the south of Slovakia, quite sure as to where they are going but increasingly perplexed as to the when.

Hidden Danger

... and she knew better than most the true crime statistics, risks and dangers in Bratislavan life. As far as violent crime was concerned, including sexual assault, the numbers were very low indeed. The only crimes of any real prevalence in the Slovak capital were theft and petty vandalism which usually meant graffitiing.

Petrzalka Panelak Intruder

‘This is Petrzalka. We have to be extra careful. We don’t want criminals getting in here.’ ‘But locking this door is illegal. By locking the door, you make yourself a criminal.’ ‘I AM NOT A CRIMINAL. YOU MAKING A JOKE OF ME? You hear that, Lubos?’

The Proselytizers

‘Texas,’ replied Steve. ‘Utah,’ replied Brian. Then, as a chorus, Juraj and Brian said, ‘Where else?’ There was a moment of laughter and the ice dissolved. ‘Where’d you learn to speak English so fluently, Juraj?’ asked Steve

Slavo the Insatiable Hunter

His next port of call was the bus stop at the technicka univerzita. Students were invariably smokers, at least at some point in their academic lives. And students were rebellious enough and determined to impress their peers enough that they disregarded the smoking ban now imposed at bus stops.

Nota Bene

What is the mystery surrounding a homeless magazine seller? Are you prepared to read a mysterious story about about Bratislava written by an Englishman Dale Bruton?