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Ronald & Donald: That’s Love

Ronald & Donald

Ronald & Donald is a couple of cute bunnies who perform their everyday battle for dignity, understanding, money, and mostly food. Some of their actions may be considered harsh or even violent. However all their actions are definitely funny. They are presidents after all.

A frequently asked question:
Are they really two presidents who were sewn into rabbits skins? Unfortunately not. It’s just a series of funny comic stories.

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There are exactly two totally different prices you can pay to get a comic book.

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Who started this?

Tomas Roller is a former secondary school arts teacher who decided to follow his dreams instead of following the excuses of his pupils. He left the school, teamed up with a former banker and a professional investor and together they’ve founded Royal Dirties comic studio.

Ronald & Donald are the mascots and a proof-of-concept of the new independent comic studio. Our next move is to publish a comic book every three months.

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