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We are launching Royal Dirties Comics #1 next week

This is good news. Even though it seems impossible it’s just three months since we’ve published the first comic story about Ronald and Donald. Now we’ve already sent Royal Dirties Comics #1 to print. Hoooray! And next week we are going to launch it into the wild at AnimeShow in Bratislava.

Do you want a signed copy? There is a solution without paying Bratislava a visit. Continue reading.

The legendary #1 is packed with 7 comic stories, a short postcard story, two chapters of a novel, some comic strips and graphics by Tomáš Roller. It fits onto 48 pages full in color. And you can have it immediately as an ebook or in two weeks as a printed and signed magazine.

Royal Dirties #1

Royal Dirties #1
signed copy

through Patreon
(until 31st March)

If you want to make sure, you’ll own a copy of “legendary” limited Royal Dirties Comics #1, support us at as a Royal Watcher.

Every Royal Watcher who join before 31th March will receive a numbered and signed copy of Royal Dirties Comics #1. 

Become a Patron and get a signed copy


  1. Yes, you can support us through Patreon just for one month and you’ll still receive the comics.
  2. Yes, supporting us through Patreon for one month is less expensive than buying a hardcopy in any store.
  3. Yes,  you can support us through Patreon for as many months as you want, but  it has to be at least for one month to get the comics.
  4. Yes, any pledge on Patreon that’s at least 5€/month is enough.

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