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Enjoy the royal New Year dirty

The year is over and what have you done? We’ve done a lot. In summer we started the project Royal Dirties by printing a lot of T-shirts with Tomáš Roller’s designs. The plan to become a comics books studio seemed really far away back then.

Nowadays we have published some older Tomáš’s comics stories, run a writer competition and released a lot of good night stories. And finally we’ve released the beasts – Ronald and Donald already have some comics stories in the wild. For now, they are just in Slovak. However the first month of the new year is the month of the great English switch. So stay tuned, english-speaking rabbits, we are going to hop a lot in the new year as well.

If you feel the urge to help us spreading the plague, follow our social profiles (instagram, facebook, twitter, tumblr, deviantart) and send us some love on patreon. We’ll reward you with exclusive content.

Royal Dirties New Year

Yours Royal Ronald & Dirty Donald

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